Bessey Commons, Historic Restoration/Adaptive Reuse


Where do you do business?

AlliedCook has experience in Maine and New Hampshire. We know how important it is for owners to hire local companies to complete their project, so we’ve set up our facilities to accommodate our clients, projects and staff. We have both a Maine office and a New Hampshire office with professional management teams at each location.


Why is early Construction Management participation important?

It’s never too early to hire a Construction Manager for your project. The earlier AlliedCook is on board, the more we can help the project owner control costs and guide the project through construction to completion.

One of the greatest benefits of the Construction Management process is Preconstruction Services. These services include estimating, scheduling, value management and more.

Through CM methodology, we provide Preconstruction Services during the planning and design phase of your project and then act as your Builder during construction.

Our entire CM process is conducted on a transparent, open-book basis which results in the best possible outcome for the project, owner and AlliedCook. Participation from all team members is critical and produces successful projects, time and time again.

With early CM involvement, AlliedCook brings solutions, not problems, to your project.





What does Value Management mean?

Value Management is a dynamic and collaborative process by which AlliedCook, as your Construction Manager, evaluates materials, methods, layouts, subcontractor recommendations, schedules/phasing and building options. Then, we make recommendations to you for changes that will save money, but not affect the quality of your project. We work closely with the design team and Owner through this process and changes are only made after accepted by the team and are subsequently incorporated into the design for the Construction phase. Value Management is a process which occurs during the Preconstruction phase.



What are the differences between Construction Management and the General Contracting/Bid Method?

Our experience has proven that the Construction Management project delivery method is superior to the traditional General Contracting/Bid method. The Construction Management process aligns the goals and objectives of the project with the incentives and objectives of the project team. Through this alignment, the project and our clients, benefit from the cost savings, improved planning, budgeting, decision making, execution and quality. Ultimately, it allows us us to work in partnership with owners/developers, architects and engineers very early in the process to deliver quality buildings on time, within budget and with minimized Change Order Requests. Contact one of the AlliedCook owners to discuss your upcoming project and see how you can benefit from Construction Management.



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