University of New England
College of Pharmacy
(LEED Silver Certified)

Project Summary

The new three-story, 48,000-SF College of Pharmacy, located on the Portland campus, is Maine’s first and only facility devoted solely to academic studies and research in the field of pharmacy.

The third floor is dedicated to modern research and laboratory spaces, including the Hannaford Pharmacy Practice Lab, the Baker Company Sterile Products Lab and the Community Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Lab. The first two floors contain classrooms, meeting rooms and faculty offices.

This LEED Silver Certified building is the first in Maine to use highly efficient chilled beams to provide heating and cooling.

Other green features include a roof overhang providing shade for the building windows during the peak of summer and sun during the winter. Environmentally sustainable materials are used throughout the facility including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood harvested in an ecologically sound and responsible way.

The building’s exterior bricks were made locally, minimizing transportation of materials.

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